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Friday, March 16, 2007

KAJAGOOGOO-Ooh to be ah (Dodi's crossover v 2.0) (1983)

Hello musiclovers....
What to say about Kajagoogoo ? Probably one of most unusual names for a band in music history. Writing out the of a baby's first sounds gave them "GagaGooGoo". With a little bit of "casual" alteration it became Kajagoogoo. Similar change happened with Christopher Hamills name...lead singer more known as Limahl.
Band known as Kajagoogoo existed only from 1981 - 1983 but that was enough to reach No. 1 on UK charts and No. 5 on Billboard hot 100 with ''Too shy'' from their 1983 LP White Feathers. For this occasion I choose ''Ooh to be ahh'' mostly because of synthesizer intro on the beginning. I used album version and The Construction Mix from 12'' single.
Clock stops at 8:55. Have fun.


Miranda said...

Wow....really superb. Thank you for this great remix.

naughty6_6 said...

As Much As I Love Your Extentions, I can't listen to this one (link expired) A Kajagoogoog fave! Coulkd you please repost???

Dodi said...

Link is updated...enjoy