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Thursday, February 22, 2007

HUMAN LEAGUE-Human (Dodi's crossover mix) (1986)

Six days without post...uf uf...too much. I apologise for delay...last days I'm pretty much short with time.
One of my favourite songs from HUMAN LEAGUE for sure is ''Human'', from their 1986 LP ''Crash''. Song was written and produced me NO. 1 producing duo of all times, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.
For this crossover I used accapella, instrumental (available on 12'') and album version. Song was published on 7'' single as well.
Official 12'' extended ends up at 5:03...this crossover at 8:50.

For this crossover I made 2:16 long intro combining acapella with deep drum sounds. In crossover it's integrated and can't be played separately. Here's complete intro. Have fun.


Friday, February 16, 2007

DAVID BOWIE-Fashion (Dodi's crossover v 2.0) (1980)

Hello again.
I've been busy last days making this crossover requested by our dear Marlene from Cygnet Committee. Although there's enough material for 10 min. remix , I decided to stop at 6:42 which is aprox. 2 min more than original LP version used for this remix. This way remix sounds like a classic extended version...not too long and not too short.
As usual comments are more than welcome and highly appreciated.

Monday, February 12, 2007

DAVID BOWIE-Cat people (Putting out fire) (DreamTime Mix v3.0).

I don't know where or to whom exactly to give credits for this amazing Giorgio Moroder who produced David Bowie for performance...or to Dreamtime for this excellent, long play remix. Maybe all of them.
Released on soundtrack for 1982 blockbuster ''Cat people'', as well as on 12'' and 7'' singles. I used to play it a lot in club I worked in late 80's (D.J.) and it was quite amazing how people reacted on it for several years.
Posted by request from Theo...and of course for all music lovers around. Enjoy.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

DAVID LANZ & PAUL SPEER-Behind the waterfall (Dodi's crossover mix v 2.0) (1985)

This time something completely different. Beautiful new age from 1985 DAVID LANZ & PAUL SPEER LP ''Natural states''. It took me almost 20 years to find out and find this extraordinary track (it's hard to search when you don't know anything about it...I believe many of you know how it is).
Original album version used for this remix clocks at 3:21. It was too short for me and I had to do something. Here's 8:58 long crossover I can listen again and again...hope you're gonna like it too.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

MARC ALMOND-My hand over my heart (Dodi's crossover mix) (1991)

''...I fall to my knees at your beauty...'' says Marc Almond in this masterpiece. Re-discovered after long time and a finger of dust over it, I couldn't resist not to crossover it.

Song was published on Marc's 1991 LP ''Tenement Symphony'' as well as on 7'', 12'' and Maxi-Single CD. For this remix I used original album version and Grit and Glitter Mix available on maxis. Result is 10:07 long Crossover mix. What more to say but...enjoy.
Comments are welcome :)

BLACK-Wonderful life (Dodi's crossover v 2.0) (1987)

This time I made some changes on BLACK'S ''Wonderful life''. Same story as on previous posts...only classic 7'' (12'' has same version) or album version available (correct me if I'm wrong). This time my Spanish friend Alejandro asked for extended version and here it is...6:46 long crossover mix. Original sound wasn't touched, only lenght. Only album version was used in making this one...have fun.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

HUMAN LEAGUE-Life on your own (Dodi's bootleg crossover v 2.0)

Released 07. May 1984. on their LP ''HYSTERIA'', ''Life on your own'' become my favourite song from this LP. ''The Lebanon'' and ''Louise'' were probably much bigger hits but that's exactly the reason why I liked ''Life on your own'' much more.

For this crossover I used original album and 12'' extended version. All together I made 3 different versions. Here is last, v 2.0, 8:08 long version. Made from fun...just for fun.


MICHAEL JACKSON-Thriller (Dodi's bootleg crossover) (1982)

There's nothing I can type about Michael Jackson that you already don't know. Best selling album of all times from one of the best producers of all time, Quincy Jones.

I can't imagine ''Thriller '' without excellent voice of Vincent Price and a laugh that scares the s... out of me first time I heard it (I was just a kid then).

Here's my crossover on this...well...real classic now. I used original album version, instrumental, audio from well known video and part of voice over session from Michael Jackson and Vincent Price. Due to different audio sources, sound is not HI-End perfect but I hope you can overlook this and still enjoy in 9:41 long Dodi's crossover.


IMAGINATION-Heart 'n' soul (Dodi's bootleg crossover) (1982)

One of my first ever made crossovers was this one, Heart 'n' soul. Excellent track from an 1982 LP ''In the heat of the night''
Original album version used in this crossover ends at 4:44. Unfortunately IMAGINATION didn't provide us extended on 12'' so nothing else left to do but ''crossover''. Hope you'll like this 6:25 extended.


Monday, February 5, 2007

DAVID BOWIE-Modern love (Dodi's bootleg crossover)

Here I ''crossovered'' David Bowie's-Modern Love...great track from 1983's LP ''Let's Dance''. Song was written and performed by David a producer stands another great name, Nile Rogers.
In this crossover I used only original album version. Original sound wasn't changed, only lenght, and now ends up at 6:13.

DAVID BOWIE-Modern love (Dodi's bootleg crossover)