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Sunday, March 4, 2007

DOUBLE-Devils ball (Dodi's crossover mix) (1987)

Hello friends...
When we mention Double (pronounced Doo-blay...according to Wikipedia), probably most people will remember The Captain of her heart...their biggest hit. Like in many other cases my favourite song is usually not the biggest hit.
I get this 7'' vinyl after a long search for nothing....from a guy who'll never know that I was ready too pay double zeros for it :)...I guess I was lucky. Single contain Piano and Edited version both below 4 minutes in lenght. For this crossovers I used also Album (piano) version which appeared on second and last, full lenght album ''Dou3le'' from 1987.

DOUBLE-Devils ball (Dodi's crossover mix) (1987) 5:42

DOUBLE-Devils ball (Dodi's crossover mix v 2.0) (1987) 6:14


Cygnet Committee said...

Very nice song. Never heard it before and only vaguely remember Captain of her heart. (Not even knew that was what it was called, just recognised the voice.) Thanks for this one! Cool mixes!

Rosarioso said...

I´d like to download the song, but is no long available. Could you re upload it? Thks from Argentina.

Anonymous said...

Great Love Dou3le one of the greatest albums ever,have you thourght of doing Woman of the world or Rangoon Moon off Blue