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Sunday, March 18, 2007

DURAN DURAN-New religion (Dodi's crossover mix) (1982)

Year is 1982...80's on their very beginning. There was something special in the air...a lot of great stuff on the way. After Girls on film, Planet earth, Careless memories from their previous 1981 LP simply called ''Duran Duran'' we were already spoiled with spectacular videos, waiting for the next to come.
''Rio'' was proof that it wasn't just a one time occasion.
I already posted one crossover from ''Rio'' and here's another one.
Robert from USA made a wish...and here's result.Original sound stayed the same...lenght extended to 10:30.
DURAN DURAN-New religion (Dodi's crossover mix) (1982)
DURAN DURAN-New religion (Dodi's crossover mix v 2.0) (1982)


Anonymous said...

Hey...excellent work. Just recently I found your site and immediately I began an addict. Please don't stop :)

Anonymous said...

Love the mixes. Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Please repost!!!!!! I love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dodi said...

Reposted...grab while you can