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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

IMAGINATION-Heart 'n' soul (Dodi's bootleg crossover) (1982)

One of my first ever made crossovers was this one, Heart 'n' soul. Excellent track from an 1982 LP ''In the heat of the night''
Original album version used in this crossover ends at 4:44. Unfortunately IMAGINATION didn't provide us extended on 12'' so nothing else left to do but ''crossover''. Hope you'll like this 6:25 extended.



Anonymous said...

IMAGINATION-Heart 'n' soul (Dodi's bootleg crossover) (1982)

edenz said...

Just came across this very nice site.

It's indeed too bad, that no extended mixes off these tracks, where ever made before, .

So i think, it's an excellent initiative to "crossover' these classics.

Not only that, i think the 'crossover mixes' i found here, are off superb quality.

Thanks for sharing and keep them coming!

Greets Ed