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Monday, February 12, 2007

DAVID BOWIE-Cat people (Putting out fire) (DreamTime Mix v3.0).

I don't know where or to whom exactly to give credits for this amazing Giorgio Moroder who produced David Bowie for performance...or to Dreamtime for this excellent, long play remix. Maybe all of them.
Released on soundtrack for 1982 blockbuster ''Cat people'', as well as on 12'' and 7'' singles. I used to play it a lot in club I worked in late 80's (D.J.) and it was quite amazing how people reacted on it for several years.
Posted by request from Theo...and of course for all music lovers around. Enjoy.


1 comment:

theo said...

thank you pal!
an amazing track with insuperable vocals in the history of rock music,pity he never performed live this moroder version.....
i send you in your email the disconet version in case you dont have it, great drum session in the beginning....