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Friday, September 7, 2007

TOTO-Georgy Porgy (Dodi's crossover mix) (1978)

Like many others I discovered Toto after ''Africa'' back in 1982. It was actually impossible not to know them after ''Africa'', ''Rosanna''...etc. Logical move was to look closely to their discography. Than I bumped on 1978 smash ''Georgy Porgy'' with excellent Cheryl Lynn as guest vocal. Of course....with only 5:07 on 12'' or 4:09 on was really little bit to short for me. Here's first touch....7:00 crossover made from album version only.

TOTO-Georgy Porgy (Dodi's crossover mix) (1978)


Anonymous said...

Hi Dodi,
I really enjoy Toto but would never have thought of an extended version of Georgy Porgy-but it is fantastic. Thx for all your hard work.
cheers scream

closerbo said...

super mix Dodi !
I've always had a special feeling about this song
Now I got one more remix of it

naughty6_6 said...

I always loved "georgy porgy", so this is cherished. Only disappointment is that Cheryl Lynn's vocals are vanished throuhout the mix and only appear at the end. Would you consider making another re-edit with more Cheryl Lynn vocals? Thanks for your patience and your wonderful re-edits so far! Keep up the exellent job.